Baseball is all about the percentages and the chance of striking a batter out with only one pitch seems extremely low… seemingly impossible?

One pitch was all it took to sit down third baseman Vinnie Catricla this weekend while batting for the Oakland A’s Double-A minor league team, the Midland Rock Hounds.

Displaying obvious objection to a first-pitch called strike, Catricla backed out of the batter’s box to collect himself. The over-zealous plate umpire, Ron Teague, decided that he was taking too long and called a quick strike two and three on the batter without another pitch ever being thrown.

Teauge invoked Rule 6.02(c), which allows the umpire to make the judgment call at his discrepancy and ring the batter up.

Vinnie Catricala and Ron TeagueStrike two was called after a delay of only 3.9 seconds and third strike was assessed equally as fast. When Teague tried to argue the last two strikes, he was immediately ejected.

If you count the horrible first-called strike, one could argue that this batter was called out with one pitch and no strikes. Historic.

Blue was looking pretty red and Teague gets our vote for “Umpire Most Unable to Manage His Emotions” and using a position of power to exploit a technicality. Apparently, even playing the game of baseball isn’t immune to business as usual in Corporate America.

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