Just when the ultimate smart-phone camera made it’s debut in the Nokia 1020, boasting 41-megapixel capability, along comes a smart-watch that can do the same.

The Hyetis Crossbow is the latest innovation that looks hand-made for Buck Rogers fans. It displays the latest weather, text messages and email whenever you come in contact with a wireless signal.

The Crossbow connects to devices using Windows Phone 8 or Android and you can make that connection in any of three ways; NFC (Near field communication), Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Other options include GPS, HD Microphone, lens with optical zoom and a high-definition LCD dial.
Hyetis Crossbow camera
But watches aren’t Apple products and it’s a risk to buy something that can’t be updated in today’s tech world, right?

No problem here. The new Nascent app store is being developed and will allow you to download updates, new smart-watch apps and other options currently in development.

The earlybird edition of the Crossbow was just released this month and can be purchased at Hyetis for the low price of only $1200.

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