How to Eliminate Slouching

Aging makes us lazy. The once perfect posture we were taught and mindlessly exercised as children becomes less than perfect as the years move on.

Weight gain is the biggest factor and as our waist size increases every year, the load takes a toll on our bodies and we compensate with “the slouch”. It makes for a more comfortable way to sit but it also leads to an overall degradation of our physiques.

man slouchingImproving posture is known to carry many benefits with it. Breathing becomes far easier and that oxygen supply results in a very positive correlation with cellular activity. With more available oxygen circulating, less inflammation results. Inflammation is the leading cause of cancer so learning not to slouch can have far reaching implications on your overall health.

If your joints routinely hurt, an ongoing focus on maintaining proper posture can make a significant difference. Back and neck pain are the most common pains associated with slouching but that’s not all that’s affected. Avoiding the slouch takes a constant and steady pressure off of many of your joints. Your body can feel radically different in just a few weeks of eliminating your slouch.

Slouching is also an activity that tenses muscles and this results in a tired body. For an everyday sloucher than learns to correct the problem, the sensation of relief can be a joyous experience.

How to Correct Slouching

Trying to self-correct a poor posture issue can be a tough thing to accomplish. It’s difficult to consciously focus on posture all day long and especially for a person that spends a lot of working hours in a chair.

Thankfully, there’s a far easier way to correct “the slouch”.

LUMOback appThe all new LUMOback was released this week. It’s a new form-fitting sensor that you strap on and it does all the monitoring for you. Any kind of slouch and the sensor activates a small vibration, alerting you to correct your form.

The data is all stored in the new LUMOback app and the app gets even better. It provides a calorie counter so you can track the amount of calories you burn everyday in addition to improving your posture.

The Kickstarter project has come a long way in a short time and it’s popularity is rising fast. For $150, you can buy the sensor, download the app and finally have an easy way to maintain perfect posture.

Take a better look at the LUMOback as shown in the video below. It’s an investment that promises a great return on your overall health and for a very small price, you can finally eliminate slouching.

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