Today was the official launch of the new video-sharing app, MixBit. YouTube is officially yesterday’s video platform. MixBit is far more fun and it’s a product of the same people who founded YouTube.

MixBit is intertwined with an iOS app and like Vine, you can create video collages and get quite creative. Fat better than Vine, the videos can be up to an hour in length and you can edit them on the fly, before uploading.

MixBit only allows for 16 second clips to be recorded for a total of 256 clips at the most. You then stitch them together, edit and upload.

MixBit screen shotTo make things far more interesting, you’re allowed to use any “stitches” that are on the MixBit website. Use a few of your own clips and throw in a few stitches from other users, as you desire. It’s all fair game.

Alright.. we admit it. MixBit is no YouTube killer with it’s 16 second clip limitation and the fact that you can only upload video you record through the MixBit app, but it’s pure fun that will likely make for some great browsing entertainment at the very least.

Creativity just took a step forward. Download the free MixBit app from the app store today and test the limits of your video creativity.

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