How to Buy a Better Carhartt


Want to look fashionable, buy American and make Grandpa proud by keeping with the clothing tradition that he started years ago?

It’s time to dress Carhartt. There’s every chance that you associate the Carhartt name to big, bulky, over-sized outdoor wear that is above all else, functional – keeping you warm on a cold winter’s day.

Well Carhartt is keeping with the times and changing their clothing line to appeal to a younger generation. The new Carhartt Work In Progress fits are like nothing you’ve ever seen from the Carhartt company.

The new outdoor-wear is comparable to what we’ve seen popular in other cultures for a while – and Carhartt is helping to bring this new fashion trend to the states.

There’s a European street-vibe to this look that’s both modern and sexy – while still being true to the outdoor work-wear legacy that Carhartt has built it’s name on.

The new WIP Fall collection will debut in the latter half of 2013.

More Reasons We Love Carhartt

Carhartt emblemWe live in a country that loves to outsource and when it comes to the clothes we wear, less than 2% of all apparel purchased in the U.S. is actually made in the U.S. That’s a mind-boggling number that means we’re just giving our jobs away to the highest bidder in third-world countries.

Carhartt is different. The family-owned, Michigan-based business has been around since 1889 and they’re big on America. When you see that famous Carhartt Made in the USA logo, you can rest assured that the product was crafted right here in the states – part of the Made in USA Collection. That doesn’t seem to mean as much to people anymore, but it should. Even Carhartt’s motto – For the American Worker – is true to the American homeland .

Carhartt does outsource some non-core items (such as T-shirts and caps) to other countries. The company found it necessary for survival, but to remain true to those who believe in the importance of buying domestic, they created the Made in USA Collection – Carhartt’s most popular line to date. Look for the Made in USA stitching if you have any doubt.

Everything Carhartt makes is designed in Michigan – with production sites in Kentucky and Tennessee. Over 4,000 American workers are employed by the Carhartt company. The company purchases over 16 million pounds of cotton from domestic mills in Georgia – every year.

If you haven’t grabbed a piece of Carhartt wear for your personal collection, it’s time to check out the new line. Let’s make Made in USA the new cool by buying a better Carhartt and supporting the American worker.

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