How to Interior Decorate an Apartment

So you’re a guy who’s just landed your first apartment and you’d like to class it up without the help of Mom. After all, this is about displaying a bit of your new-found independence for all the world to see – or at least the couple dozen people that will be swinging by in the next few months.

Oh.. and then there’s the parties. Hell yeah.. let’s not forget the parties!

It’s important too. Those future dates will love a guy with a flair for artsy decoration and an obvious passion for dressing up a pad.

Guys have the hardest time with interior decorating. Let’s face it – all your ever really needed were a few Sports Illustrated swim models for your room walls – maybe a couple rock bands for some variety and anything more was stuff that Mom hung up there.

Now, you’re on your own and looking around with unlimited possibilities but limited potential. That’s not a great combination.

Have no fear. We’ve got the help you need. Stick to these home-decorating rules and you can’t go wrong with creating the perfect interior design.

There’s an Order to Good Decoration

smart looking roomSo you head out to the nearest department store and spot a few things that you think might look good in your apartment?

Not a good way to head down the road of interior decorating.

There’s an specific order that must be followed if you wish to achieve the results you desire.

Think of your home as your wardrobe and think ‘Big to Small’ when deciding on a design.

Just as you wouldn’t choose your shirt first, and then select your suit based on that color, you wouldn’t want to decide on decorating anything in your apartment before the walls, floors and largest surface areas.

Choose the colors you would dress yourself with. If it looks good on you, it’s going to look great on your walls. If you’re in to a more dramatic look, you can offset many colors with a black floor. It works surprisingly well and adds a little sex appeal to the place.

For your secondary areas, such as the larger pieces of furniture and smaller walls that aren’t taking up quite as much space, you want to compliment the colors you chose for the large areas. If you’re in to patterns, this is the place to add them (not those large, primary walls).

Some great patterns you might choose include marble, leather covered floors and neutral lacquer walls.

And finally, give an equal amount of attention to the small items. This is what brings everything all together. Take a look at the rugs, pillows, shelves and curtains. It’s a great time to add some shock value with strong, bold colors. Rather you chose to add textures or patterns, you should still take a few chances with color. You’re young, brave and on the cusp of life. If you go white, they’ll go home. There’s plenty of opportunity to splatter that around when you’re 80.

Top the place off with some alligator pillows and feathery blue chairs. Now, you’re ready to entertain. Don’t forget her name.

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