How to Keep From Getting Malaria

Do people still get malaria? Isn’t that something people died of way back when they were building Jamestown because they didn’t have medicine like we do today?

Yes.. malaria was one of the primary killers back in the early 1600s Jamestown settlement. And yes.. people still get malaria today. It’s actually far more common that you might think.

Would you believe that every single minute, someone dies of malaria?

It’s true. It’s just not such a well known fact because the US has it largely under control and deaths from malaria are rare and few in America.

But for many poor countries, it’s still one of the leading causes of death.

There were over 210 million malaria cases in 2012.

So what exactly causes malaria?

It’s a parasite that’s transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Once in the body, the parasite multiplies in the liver and then infects red blood cells.

Symptoms appear 10-15 days after a mosqito bite. These include headache, fever, chills and vomiting.

Treatment should be administered within 24 hours of symptoms. The disease can become life-threatening after this window of time.

Curing Malaria

Malaria No More appealPerhaps the saddest fact of all concernig malaria, is that in spite of the ridiculously high number of deaths, the disease is 100% completely preventable and curable.

If someone dies from malaria, that person simply didn’t receive the proper medication to cure the disease, in the necessary time.

That’s sad. Children, especially, should never be denied a life-saving treatment because it’s not affordable. And children under five years old make up the largest percentage of death by malaria – a staggering 70%.

Nigeria has the most malaria deaths of any country at over 175,000 and malaria accounts for nearly 50% of all school absenteeism in Africa.

The goal is to end malaria by the year 2015. This would be an amazing accomplishment, concerning the magnitude of people this killer currently affects.

If you want to find out more about the solution and help be a part of it, stop by and invest in a very worthy cause.

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