How to Stop Failing at Your Goals

We mean no disrespect. You’re likely great at what you do. You’ve got a lot to be proud of and you’ve got some significant achievements in your past that are quite brag-worthy.

But guys are guys and if there’s one think we’re great at, it’s procrastination. It’s what keeps us from rising to a new level and being the best of the best.

Now on one hand, that sounds like a lot of work and we’re all leading pretty busy lives.

Okay.. so let’s reel it in just a little. Instead of striving to be the absolute greatest, how about we just focus on achieving a little more? How about moving forward with those lofty goals that we all have hidden away in the recesses of our minds? Let’s go after the goals that we’ve always thought attainable if we ever pursued them with enough determination.

Let’s check out a short list of “stuff guys would love to achieve”. Is there one or more items that you have thought about doing but never acted on?

  • Losing weight and achieving your ideal body weight?
  • Writing a book?
  • Being more productive with your time?
  • Spending more “you” time outdoors?
  • Taking up a new hobby that you’ve always thought about?

Starting is the hardest part. In fact, a “failure to act” is the number one reason that people don’t achieve their goals.

Once we succumb to a mindset of “that’s something I want to do someday”, we manifest that outcome. Since “someday” is always off in the future, it never happens. Without a concrete action plan to start a specific goal, the goal will never materialize.

Are We Afraid of Success?

Hell no. Who wouldn’t mind a bit more success in life and maybe a few extra dollars that might come with it?

Nope.. we’re afraid of failure. Seriously.. who wants to invest a crap-load of time in a new project and then fail? That’s a lot of energy wasted and potential for a little embarrassment to those we shared our dreams with.

The alternative of watching more football and eating chips on the couch gains more traction.

[quote_right]It’s the great thing about life that failure can be used as a stepping stone to greater accomplishments.[/quote_right]The reality of failing is that it sounds worse than it ever is. The fact is that people develop a great respect for those who are actively pursuing their dreams and the only one that will judge failure harshly is the person who fails. Let that go.

Should you fail, learn from it and use it. It’s the great thing about life that failure can be used as a stepping stone to higher ground and greater accomplishments. Look into the success stories and failures of others and you’ll see that failure is good for success.

The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals

cat seeing a tiger in mirrorYou know all those hippies that consumed large amounts of LSD in the 70s and then told you to “visualize your goals”? Well those are the same guys that keep writing all the self-help books that are everywhere now. Seriously.. these guys just won’t stop with this stuff.

That’s okay though.. because it turns out they’re right. Goal-setting is a prerequisite to success.

Are you ready to succeed?

So you’ve arrived at the place of making it happen. You’ve drafted up the mental picture of what you want to achieve, set the goal to set the plan in motion. There’s yet another obstacle to consider.

What’s the second biggest reason people fail at their goals?

Giving up too early.

Don’t stop unless there’s simply not another way to continue.. and then figure out how to leap that hurdle. The most successful people are the ones that keep making things happen, even when it seems that all odds are against them and they have no further options.

Be that man.. the man with the plan.. the man who makes things happen. Success is as close as you demand it to be.

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