How to Use Twitter for Booking a Flight

Planning a vacation takes a lot of work and today we’ve got an easy tip for booking your next flight via Twitter.

KLM Airlines makes it far easier to check pricing and availability on your next trip.

KLM Airlines uses an automated booking system on Twitter to take flight requests and returns a response with a link to book the flight. You won’t actually be hearing from a real person but you’ll get a response faster than that next cup of coffee you’re waiting on.

The automated system uses some advanced algorithms to check your desired departure and arrival date. This means that you have to use the correct syntax in your request, else you’ll get a reply back asking you to correct your tweet.

There are three options:

Option 1: A to B

Compose a tweet with your departure and arrival destination only and get a reply within a minute.

 @KLMfares New York to Chicago 

Option 2: From A to B + Month

Compose a tweet with departure/arrival dates and the specific month you wish to travel.

 @KLMfares New York to Chicago December 

KLMfares on Twitter

Option 3: From A to B + Travel Dates

Compose a Tweet with departure/arrival dates and the outbound/return date of your trip.

 @KLMfares New York to Chicago 18-12 28-12 

KLM might have just started the next big trend on Twitter. Up until now, blasting an enticing message with your link, in hopes of getting a user to click, has been the primary method of interaction. Might we see local delivery services using the automated service to allow customers an easy way to order a pizza on a Friday night?

Before you run out and design your “automated replies” system, be sure to review the ‘Automation Rules and Best Practices‘ thread on Twitter, to be sure you’re not in violation of their TOS.

KLM Airlines has come up with a great idea. Now it’s time to book that vacation and find some lost pirate gold.

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