How to Enjoy Your Life Journey

Life is full of inspiration. It’s nearly everywhere you look when you take the time to look – and therein lies the problem. Guys are especially guilty of not taking the time to acknowledge the more beautiful things in life, even when they’re right in front of our face. We’ll often expend the extra energy to look around beauty in an effort to see the ordinary things that occupy our every day. Routine is comfortable.

That’s no way to live man. We all do it from time to time, but why? Isn’t life far more exciting in those moments we choose to step outside our comfort zone? Doesn’t it make sense to seek out such opportunities and spend our lives trying to create the extraordinary?

Heard of the Joshua Bell experiment? A world-famous violinist, Bell concealed his identity and played to a New York subway, rush-hour audience of over 1,000 people. He intentionally set out to become art without a frame – a test to see if art is recognized as such when presented out of context.

Very few people passed the test. As the virtuoso played on for over an hour, he grossed just over $32 in tips – and very few people stopped to listen.

It’s harder to notice beauty when we’re not looking for it. Create routines that help you to notice the finer things in life.

Make Your Life About Joy

album cover for Bruce Springsteen's album, The PromiseBeauty is one of those awesome, esoteric experiences of the soul. Get too caught up in life’s daily drama and you’ll miss out – and that means less joy. Take the extra time to listen to the music, notice the details of a fine painting or walk down the street at night while eating an ice-cream and looking at the stars. Lay buck naked in the middle of your living room floor and listen to an entire album of John Coltrane or Bruce Springsteen – whatever moves you most.

The best things in life are free. Take advantage of these opportunities and you’ll accumulate the wealth of a more joyful life experience.

Forget the mistakes as they happen – because they’re going to happen. View mistakes as lessons learned and be thankful for the growth that occurs as a result of “screwing up”. Don’t let the occasional mishap steal your joy.

Be gracious in all things. It enhances every experience. Gratitude requires a commitment to others. Take an interest in those who cross your life path and learn what’s important to them. There’s a sheer joy in being gracious. Practice it. Become engrossed in graciousness.

Don’t forget to take a life partner along for the journey. Experiences have greater worth – and bring greater joy – when shared with others.

And finally, practice love often and always. Love yourself and love others with the same earnest conviction. Love is the solution to every problem. Master love and you’ll know true joy – and this will allow you to enjoy your life journey like never before.

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