How to Connect With Your Dog From Work

Heard of Petzila yet? The indiegogo crowd-funded startup has launched a rather popular product that connects owners and pets – dogs primarily.

You mount a PetziConnect unit on your wall and by way of iPhone or Android, you pull up the Petzila app and you’re seconds away from talking to your faithful friend. As he listens to the sound of your voice, you can watch him via the video interface – even snap a picture.

To ensure your canine always comes running, you can drop tasty treats at any time during the interaction. The choice of treats is up to you. A dog’s life isn’t so ruff anymore.

The PetziConnect units come in different colors and designs and feature HD video as well as 2-way audio – ensuring the most fulfilling of wireless interactions.

Buy one today at Petzila.

Different views of a PetziConnect unit

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