How to Get Great Sound Wirelessly

[styled_box title=”Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter” class=”sb_green”]You know those over-priced, cheap-looking iPhone speaker attachments that you see in nearly every department store these days? Don’t buy any of those. There’s a far better solution for a much better price.

The Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter is a wireless streaming-audio solution that works with any Bluetooth device. You simply pair your signal up after plugging the wireless box receiver into an input on your home stereo and voila – perfect sound without the wires. Stream music directly from Pandora, YouTube or directly from your playlist.

While a lot of wireless options exist for music, few can compare with the price point of this wireless device. Satisfaction is high as well. We checked Amazon and found over 1,000 reviews – with a 4.5 total rating.

Get it direct from Logitech for only $39.99 – and that even includes free shipping.[/styled_box]

Back view of Logitech Wireless Adapter

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