Ever find yourself watching video on your computer and wishing there was an easy way to take a screenshot?

Trying to use a screen capture program will usually yield less than sharp image quality and in many cases, it won’t work at all.

Enter the VLC Media Player. It’s the Man Guide video player to have and definitely our favorite when it comes to playing video. This free cross-platform player will not only play any type of video you throw at it – it has a huge amount of options, allowing for a much greater video experience.

This would be a great time to mention the unrelated option of ‘stay on top’ that only VLC Player is capable of doing. Browse anywhere on your computer, surf all you want and keep your movie on top in some little small corner of your screen. It makes work much more fun!

Back on point…

Screen capture is an awesome option that VLC Player offers. By using the built in Snapshot tool, your images will turn out looking as sharp as the video you’re playing. No more suffering from fuzzy-imageitis.

How to Take a VLC Snapshot

While playing your video, pause it when you need a snap-shot. Now go to the ‘Video’ menu item and select ‘Take Snapshot’ at the bottom of the menu.

VLC Player Snapshot screen

On capturing your video, you’ll notice that the thumbnail is presented at the top of the video player, as well as the location of the folder the image was stored in.

The default location for storage is your My Pictures directory and the image will be saved in .png format. Easy peasy – there’s all your screen captures in one simple location. The storage location and file type can be changed by going to Tools -> Preferences in the menu items.

Jack the Giant Snapshot using VLC Player

Advanced Image Controls

Let’s don’t stop there, though. Remember all the many cool options we told you VLC Player had? Well one of those options is the ability to add buttons to the interface, allowing you to create a more customized and personalized video player.

You can add the Snapshot button to the front end by simply selecting Advanced Controls under the View menu. That’s all there is to it and now, you’ve got video recording options along with your snapshot options. Sweetness!

Advanced Controls screenshot in VLC Player

If you haven’t used VLC Player before, take some time to go through the many options. It really is a highly capable and feature-rich player that you’ll love.

It’s free, it’s easy and it’s a great way to get screenshots of any video.

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