How to Get Bigger Legs With Squats

As a dude, there’s one bodily feature that’s will guarantee you attraction from the opposite sex over all others. Most guys thing it’s the abs or the biceps, but it’s the glutes. Having a muscled up derriere will almost guarantee a second look from anyone even remotely interested.

What’s the secret to firm buttocks? Squats. No other exercise will build leg muscle any better and if you’ve never worked legs before, you’ll see an almost immediate response.

Martin Weiss, Certified Fitness Instructor at California’s First Fitness Gym, says the squat is the single most effective exercise in building all muscles below the waist.

“Nothing else works as well. You hit your glutes and quads and even your hamstrings and calves get worked to a degree. If you want want more muscle in your butt, you simply need to make sure you’re going as low as possible on your squats.”

We asked Weiss if it was dangerous to go too low on squats?

“Until the last decade, it was widely believed that you should never go any lower than where your hamstrings are adjacent to the ground. Thankfully, that line of thought has kind of gone by the wayside. The belief used to be that your knees would suffer by continually going too low with your squat but it’s since been proven that there’s no risk to your knees. If fact, for individuals who experience arthritis in their joints, flexing the joints and increasing blood flow can diminish pain. Arthritis is a far greater problem for people who don’t stay active than for those who do.”

How to Correctly Perform a Squat

Diagram of a correctly performed squatStart slow when starting with squats. No other exercise will leave you as sore the next day. Consider only two sets during your first squat session.

Make sure you have a spotter – someone experienced in performing this exercise, who is behind you while lifting the weight off the rack.

Lift the weight up and off the rack. Take a step or two back until you’re a safe distance away from the rack. Keeping the weight on your shoulders, look straight ahead or slightly upward. Bend at the knees and keep your back straight. Don’t go too low when starting out but over the course of a few weeks, dip down a little lower.

At the bottom of your bend, thrust straight up. Be especially mindful not to push the weight with your back. Don’t twist your back in any way either. All the drive should come from your hamstrings and buttocks. Repeat this repetition a few times and step forward to place the weight back on the rack again.

An individual who has performed squats over the years might need to train legs at least twice a week to see results.

Says Weiss, “One of the biggest mistakes I see individuals making is trying to gain leg size by only training legs once a week. This frequency is fine for guys just starting out but if you’ve trained legs for any length of time, you’re going to need to get at least two sessions a week in to see results. Strangely, guys tend to train all body parts twice a week except their legs – and it might be the most important muscled to train more often.”

Getting big legs can dramatically change your physique for the better and if you want to see real results, do your squats. Build some muscle and then lose the fat for your best physique transformation.

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