How to Perform a Negative in the Gym

If you’re in to lifting weights, you need to make sure that you’re incorporating slow negatives into your workout routine.

Negatives are the eccentric portion of your exercise – when you lower the weights. If you’re bench pressing, the negative occurs as you lower the weight to your chest. If you’re curling a dumbbell, that’s a positive but you then perform a negative as you lower the weight back to your hip from the top of the curl.

Do your negatives slow. Count to five as you lower the weight. Continue doing this in all your workouts and you’ll notice a substantial increase in both strength and muscle size over time.

Negatives work especially well when you’re trying to increase strength but have hit a plateau.

Why Negatives Work

man doing negatives on bench pressThe more weight you can force your muscles to work with, the greater size increase you’ll achieve.

Negatives work because the eccentric part of your exercise allows you to lift substantially more. Did you know that most guys can lower almost 50% more weight than they can push up?

Big reg flag alert – Doing negatives will translate into massive gains in the gym. More strength equals more muscle.

How to Do Negatives

Negatives almost always require a partner. You want to overload the weights and go low-rep. Having trouble increasing your bench press? Add the desired goal on and do negatives. Usually, two such workouts will increase strength enough to have you lifting your goal by workout three.

Your partner will need to be ready as negatives require you to lower the weight and maintain a position until failure. Your partner takes over at this point to help you out in returning the weight to it’s starting position.

If you’re maxing out on a bench press exercise, consider having two spotters – one for each end of the barbell.

There’s no need to do negatives every workout – though it certainly won’t hurt you if you truly enjoy them. The do tend to work best for breaking plateaus so consider saving them for the times you need them most.

Negatives will give results like few other workout routines in the gym. If you’ve never indulged, give them a try!

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