Hey, we know this read isn’t for you. You handle your business in the gym. You do your sets and rack the weights.

But that other guy? He just can’t seem to get it. His mom always cleaned his room for him and he still believes that the world owes him the same.

As he finishes his dumbbell press, he lets out a loud bellow and tosses his weights forward. As they roll a few feet, he’s kind enough to corral them back towards the bench, but then you see him over doing dips – and there those dumbbells lay, for the duration of his workout. What the hell, man?

Before today, there was little help for this guy. He likely just doesn’t know the rules so now, you can email him.

Here’s an instructional guide for putting your weights up after your finished.

How to Rack the Weights

1) Bend Over and Grab Your Weights
dumbbellsWe know.. It’s been a tough workout and you’re trying to conserve all the energy possible between sets to impress everyone with your next set. Everyone’s looking at you in awe and it would be a shame to let them down.

Still.. come on brother. You unracked them and carried em’ over to the bench. Was the set really so taxing that you just can’t bend over in the 20 seconds following?

2) Pick Up the Weights
It’s getting harder now. Those 80 pound dumbbells are super heavy after a set, aren’t they?!

You can do this. Approach it in the same way you do a set. Bend down, focus and exhale – and lift! You could even yell a little again to let everyone know that you’re still in the gym because seriously – that never gets old.

3) Carry the Weights to the Rack
Here’s where we separate the men from the boys. You aren’t just picking those weights back up – you have to carry them a few feet to put them back! It’s taxing. It can really wear a man down and keep him from lifting quite as much on his next set – couldn’t it?

It’s okay, really. You can do this and your next set too. Keep your back straight and don’t bend the arms. Don’t act like they’re heavy though or you’ll look foolish. Real men don’t feel pain, remember?

4) Rack the Weights
Vibram shoesYou’re at the end of your mission young Jedi. Well done thus far! You need only extend the weights and place the dumbbells back in their original spot. Be careful though. Men have been known to drop the weights at this time and many a big toe has suffered great abuse as a result – especially if you like to sport a pair of Vibram FiveFingers while lifting.

See that really wasn’t that hard, was it? You did it! The four steps of putting the weights up are completed and you’re on your way to becoming a more respected guy in the gym – if you’ll just ditch that tank top that has side slits all the way down to your waist now!

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