How to Buy a Pair of Dress Shoes

dress shoe

Don’t overlook the shoes. A oft-seen mistake that guys are guilty of making is spending the extra money on a perfect form-fitting suit and pairing it up with cheap-looking department store shoes. It’s akin to putting a wing on the trunk of your new BMW.

Quality dress shoes finish the look and they do garner a significant amount of attention.

Don’t be afraid to spend extra on your shoes. They might even cost more than your suit but many men fail to realize that they outgrow suits in a few years. Shoes can last a couple centuries if you take care of them.

Here’s some rules to consider when dressing to impress.

The Sole Fundamentals

Cheap shoes are notoriously square-toed. Go through the closet and trash all of these. They’re ugly and they wreak of a man who needs help.

Your suit is streamlined and so should your shoes be. Get a contour fit with a slightly rounded toe – but stop short of the toe being too sharp.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of black lace-up shoes. They’re the perfect complement to that new suit or even a pair of jeans. For this pair of shoes, go with simple, basic and very comfortable.

Considering leather soles? Poorly made shoes with leather soles gives leather and shoes a bad name but when constructed right, leather soles will be as comfy as the contour that should follow your foot line.

Leather soles are a requirement for your best pair of dress shoes. They’re a large part of the modern fashion world for men, so go slim with a steamlined suit or go thickset with a pair of jeans.

Lace your shoes properly. Stores love to lace straight across and this results is a lot of guys running around with straight laces, believing this to be correct. Straight laces look better on the showroom floor and that’s where the trend should end. Ever try to tighen a pair of straight laces? Damn near impossible.

When you get home, remove the laces and redo with the traditional cross lacing. However – be sure to start by going over the bottom eyelet. It’s a very important part in developing a smart and sexy look.
shoe laces diagram

Taking Care of Your Wheels

If we’ve managed to convince you that an expensive pair of shoes are worth the money spent, you need to ensure they will last.

Invest in some taps. You’ll typically get a half-year of wear out of taps but they’re insanely affordable – often less than $5 a pair.

Soles can wear out, as well, so if you’re wearing your dress shoes a lot, invest in some new ones. Always sew new soles in your shoes – never use glue.

Polish your shoes. The image of a street-corner shoeshine boy is often seen in old films but it’s just important today as ever. The best part about polishing is that you can do it yourself. The more time you spend polishing, the better you become at it. As time goes on, you’ll become one with your shoe – helping you to transcend ordinary boundaries as you walk through life – great grasshopper.

shoe tree for men's dress shoeAnd finally, don’t forget to purchase a shoe tree. It’s not enough to keep the scratches off and the heels on. Maintaining shape is of dire importance. A shoe tree will guarantee that your shoe fits like it was custom tailored for you – every time.

Nice suit – nice tie – nice shoes. You can accomplish anything now.

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