There’s only one drink that will have others drawing comparisons to you and James Bond – the Martini.

While beer might be the manliest drink of them all, the martini is both manly and cool. You’re even allowed to lift a pinky while sipping a martini – and keep your man card.

Surprisingly, the martini is still not a typical household or club drink for most guys. There’s beer, vodka and margaritas – because your wife insists on something fruity.

It’s time to man up – and if you’ve yet to make your own martini, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

Mixing a Martini

Grab your shaker and add exactly 3.2 ounces of gin and 6 drops of vermouth. You can use vodka in place of gin if you’re a big fan of vodka.

Don’t forget to add ice as a requirement of martinis is that they be served ice-cold.
Bond drinking a martini

Shake for 20 seconds and don’t even think about stirring. Lesser educated men will advise you not to shake a martini. Drop-kick such individuals in the face and proceed. You’ll not be judged here for shaking and you’ll not notice a difference in the end result.

Wasn’t that easy? All that’s left is adding a lemon peel. If you’re really trying to emulate Bond – James Bond – you can finish with an olive.

Drink it up. Martinis are quick and easy. If nothing else, they make a nice addition to an evening of arm-handling gorgeous models, smoking cigars and killing spies.

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