Think back to 1984.

The Apple Macintosh made it’s first appearance. The CD player was introduced. WHAM and Duran Duran were hugely popular. A gallon of gas was priced at $1.08 and the average moview ticket cost was $2.50.

And we went to the movies – seen some great flicks while indulging in a large bucket of popcorn. When we weren’t at home taking in the latest episode of Cheers or The A-Team, we could often be found soaking up big screen entertainment.

One of the best movies of the year was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator. It’s one of those movies that have stood the test of time. Even today, when it’s being replayed on some random cable station, I find myself kicking back and enjoying one of the finest movies from yester-year.

The Terminator taught us some great life lessons while trying to hunt down and kill mankind’s only hope.

Lesson 1: Always Have Your Friends Back

Kyle ReeseKyle was willing to protect Sarah at all costs – even if it meant giving his own life. The longer the film went on, the more you liked Kyle.

In the first terminator, we were still trying to figure out if Kyle was all there or if his paranoid behavior was justified. A couple car chases later and the revelation of how intensely bad-ass the terminator was and we realized that Kyle was the man.

He had Sarah’s back at any all costs. Heroism 101 – a lesson in how to stick by your friend when times are tough.

Lesson 2: Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

We mean really fighting for. This isn’t like protesting against war with a picket sign for a day. This is “fight or die” for a cause.

Sarah was thrust into her role but even she learned from Kyle in the first meeting between the two – and in future films, it was obvious that she too understand the value of giving everything for a cause.

Kyle came from the future and fought till the very end. He died in the explosion that killed the terminator – and had no problem laying his life down for another – in the hopes that Skynet might not have the same future as before.

Lesson 3: Love Changes The World

Kyle’s cause was to save humanity. Without even knowing it, he would become the father to John Connor – mankind’s best chance for a different future.

Kyle likely never suspected that he would fall in love with Sarah, and father John. It was the twist revealed in the end.

As Sarah drove away, into the approaching storm clouds (a blatantly obvious bit of symbolism), she’s recording audio to pass on to her son – and trying to decide if she should mention who his father is – since he will come to know him in the future before he comes back to protect Sarah.

It was Kyle’s love for Sarah that was actually mankind’s greatest hope for a different future. Love changes things.

Return of The Terminator

There’s one final lesson to be learned from The Terminator. You really can’t kill him. The classic movie is getting a reboot – a trilogy remake, with part 1 being released in the summer of 2015.

The word on the street is that Schwarzenegger is not likely to have a leading role but he will be connected with the project. Expect a cameo from the world’s greatest terminator.

More lessons to teach us still yet.

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