Giving to the homeless is an act of love. It’s unfortunate that we live in a society which questions every motive of every person before giving.

Here’s a tip: If a person is standing on a corner begging for money, there is a need.

It’s easy to pass by, believing the next person will help or convincing yourself that the money you give will only be spent on cigarettes or drugs. In fact, there’s a percentage of contributions that will be spent in the wrong way but this doesn’t diminish the act of giving – so don’t be deterred from giving to those in need.

In this video, we see a young man bringing joy to the faces of complete strangers by the simple act of giving. By offering $100 bills to the homeless people he finds, he creates exceeding joy – and we are witness to the power of giving and the all-encompassing love that is the result.

homeless signGiving enriches the soul like nothing else – and there’s a karma to giving that assures a return and then some. What a far better world we would live in if generosity was extended by every person.

Giving doesn’t require money. It’s lending a hand without being asked. It’s offering a sacrifice of time to make life a little easier for someone else.. even if it’s only for a few minutes.

For those who do have a little extra money, giving can be made with little sacrifice but comes with great reward. As shown here, it’s certainly an easy way to bring a smile to homeless.

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