How to Stop Encouraging a Crestfallen Soul

There are those individuals we all know – sad, disheartened souls who feel unfairly treated. Their inadequacies spill over and infect everyone in their surrounding circles with a poison that must be flushed away. The stench of their negativity breeds like mold in a cold, damp basement.

How do you remain positive in the presence of a depressed soul? Should you even try or is it simply better to let such a person wallow in self-created misery?

sad manThe challenge before you looms large. The easy option is to walk away – surround yourself with those who view life through a larger lens.

But should you walk away? Is it possible that you were meant to assist this crestfallen soul by imparting the knowledge that is key to finding happiness in life? Is such a task even possible when dealing with a person who believes that joy can only be attained by five-year old girls who still believe in rainbows and unicorns?

Teach Love

Love is the answer and only through love can we help others overcome their deficiencies – and in giving love, we help ourselves all the more as well.

At the root of all discouragement lies fear. A soul that has trouble expressing positive emotions is one who is dealing with deeper issues. Rather the fear is due to intrinsic or extrinsic issues, there’s no escaping this emotion without feeling love. As a person learns to more fully love himself, this love gets expressed outwardly. The key then, is helping a person to love himself by offering unconditional love – showing the proper example of love as Christ illustrated.

[quote_right]Never correct another to show him that he was wrong – but only to show him what is right.[/quote_right]We live in a world of bias and stereotypes. Equality is not something that should be strived for – a concept. We need it now and anything less is life out of balance. Helping the insecure to feel loved and equal is as important to your personal growth as it is to theirs.

We are all equal parts that construct a whole body and the body can only be fully healthy when all parts are working as intended.

People often feel empowered by looking down on those with seemingly obvious faults but this false sense of empowerment is only felt because such people are dealing with the same fears and insecurities. Recognizing someone else’s power does not diminish your own. Helping another man stand is it’s own reward – and it has a ripple effect that will extend further than can be seen.

When a man speaks out against another, be bold in your conviction to correct him – but do it with the greatest of love and respect. If done with love and for love, the sin will be seen and over time, the action corrected. Joy is the result.

Never correct another to show him that he was wrong – but only to show him what is right.

A crestfallen soul has been placed in your path with a responsibility that has been given you. By simply loving others, we become the greatest of teachers.

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