How to Lie to Millions of Americans

Obamacare. Need we say more?

Let’s start this soapbox speech off on the right foot. I’m an American. I strongly support our elected president and I’ve always done so – regardless of how I cast my vote at the election booth.

When President Obama started delivering speeches about healthcare, I listened intently – hoping that just this once, a President would mean what he was saying to the people.

So I think it’s understandable that the average, hard-working American, such as myself, is irate over the termination of millions of health care plans – even as the president explicitly promised the opposite.

The President claimed – no, he promised – these healthcare plans would be grand-fathered, meaning if you had a plan you liked when Obamacare was passed, you could keep it. It was a major selling point of Obamacare.

So imagine the surprise to find out that the Obama Administration had a planned “sleight of hand” trick planned the entire time. Maybe it should be no surprise at all. Maybe the American people should stop believing that a political leader will ever stand on a platform of honesty and integrity and actually stand behind that which is said. Maybe most have already stopped believing.

President ObamaRemember the Healthcare Summit? In response to concerns placed in regard to the individual market, President Obama responded by saying, “Actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grand-fathered in, so you could keep it.”

Just a few months later in July 2010, the IRS had a bulletin floating around which read: “A reasonable range for the percentage of individual policies that would terminate and therefore relinquish their grandfather status is 40 to 67 percent.”

In 2012, the President then reiterated his original statement – promising that Americans could still keep their original healthcare plans if they so desired. Was he intentionally misleading or just grossly mistaken?

Part of me wants to believe that he was mistaken – except then I have to realize that we have a leader who has no idea of what is going on, and that doesn’t sit well with me either.

It was clearly known that nearly 70% of all previous healthcare plans would be cancelled by Obabmacare. That equates to 14 million Americans. That’s remarkable.

The Obamacare Loophole

Calvin and Hobbes loophole comicSo how is the administration getting around the previous promises of keeping your current healthcare? Quite simple, actually.

New restrictions state that if any part of your current healthcare plan changes at all, then the grand-father clause no longer applies. The administration then pushes through new regulations that force the plans to be changed and leave the individual with no option to keep the plan.

Lies. Lies. And more lies.

Keeping your healthcare plan was a core component of Obamacare legislation and the primary reason it was passed.

Who gets affected the most? The entrepreneur – the individual who needs to insure himself. This person no longer has these insurance plans available.

Even when confronted with the truth, the Obamacare Administration refuses to acknowledge the facts. Check out this debate between Megyn Kelly and Representative Frank Pallone. It’s a sad look into the world of political lies that have become so mainstream in American.

It’s a sad testament to the fact that the liberal media refuses to hold our President accountable.

It’s a terrible injustice suffered by “We, the People”.

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