Cardio for fat loss anyone? Millions do every day. Rather it’s hitting the machines in the gym or heading out on the open road, cardiovascular fitness training is here to stay.

Why do we do it?

Cardio is cool. It’s about better health – a happy heart that will ensure a better quality of life for now and all our remaining years. It’s about being able to eat more of the yummy stuff – large steak dinners and sugary sweets when we so desire. Cardio burns calories – burn enough of them and you can pretty much eat whatever you like without those love handles showing any effects.

So what’s the best form of cardio? Does one form of cardio offer advantages over another?

The Best Cardio

man doing cardioHere’s the thing about cardio – it all contributes to better health and fitness – and all forms burn calories. Whether you’re interested in cardio for fat loss or better health, mixed cardio works best for getting results.

What’s mixed cardio?

It’s changing your routine from day to day.

Don’t just head to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes every day at 3.5 mph. That’s a sure-fire way to ensure your body acclimates to your fitness routine.. and that means less fat burning.

The body releases fat only when you’re in a caloric deficit – but the body will almost always be burning a ratio of fat and muscle. This is why it’s so very important to reduce calories just slightly when trying to burn fat, and eat plenty of protein while applying resistance to your muscles.

That’s the formula for burning more fat and less muscle.

By taking the same approach to daily cardio, your body “learns” exactly how much energy it will need to expend. It becomes easy to anticipate the demand for energy. That’s not the best road to fat loss.

Keep your body guessing. If you choose to walk one day, adjust the incline every few minutes. Add a 10% incline for a couple minutes and change the speed if you need to. Level the incline back out and jog a few minutes.

Don’t stick to one form of cardio only. Your body responds best to fat loss and fitness when mixing up your routines. Jump rope, skip, do box jumps, take a spinning class, go for an outdoor bike ride, play baseball with your kids. The options are almost unlimited when you start getting creative with your workouts.

The most important factors for achieving success with cardio is getting your heart rate up and mixing your daily routine up. Buy a fitness tracking device to help you learn how many calories you burn on a regular basis.

Get in tune with your diet. Know how many calories you’re eating every day. Combine this knowledge with mixed cardio and you can be certain of getting better results with your cardio routine.