How to Make Thanksgiving Day Gravy


It’s almost here – Turkey Day. That means food, tryptophan and football . While you have plenty of wiggle room for food options, there are some staple foods that must be present.

Turkey? Surprisingly, no. Lots of people opt for fried chicken, roast or if you really like easy – a baked ham. Throw a pineapple on top to look like you put effort into it. We’re going to assume you’re cooking a bird this Thanksgiving though – because it makes for the tastiest gravy.

Thanksgiving Day gravy? It’s a must – because you need it for the mashed potatoes, which are also a mainstay of this pilgrim honoring traditional dinner.

Thanksgiving Day gravy can make the meal and it can also go wrong fast – because it’s something rarely made. Here’s how to make sure your brown gravy is memorable – in a good way.

The Perfect Gravy

Thanksgiving Day gravyThe perfect Thanksgiving Day gravy must be smooth – no lumps. It’s the primary goal but it’s never quite as easy as it sounds.

After you pull your prized game bird from the oven (which was likely bought from the supermarket), you’ll want to scoop all those greasy, dark-brown scrapings from the bottom. They don’t look all that appetizing at this point, but trust us – that’s liquid gold.

If you take nothing else from this article, leave with the knowledge of why gravy lumps. You’ll not only be able to make the perfect gravy every time, but you can impress everyone at your dinner party with your superior knowledge – after the compliments get rolling.

Gravy lumps occur because your flour (or optional thickening agent) is not in proportion to the amount of fat in the gravy. Understand this and you’ll know exactly what needs to be done when staring at a bowl of gravy and wondering how to smooth it out.

Learning to “eyeball” the amount of fat and flour takes experience and it gets pretty easy after a few times, but let’s assume this is your first time.

Separate the fat from the drippings. Do this by putting your turkey drippings in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Like butter on real cow’s milk, the fat will rise up and harden. Skim it off and put it on the burner at medium-heat. Add equal parts flour and whisk until it’s a paste that suits your preference.

Want thinner gravy? Add more broth.

Is your mixture off and your gravy lumpy? Here’s how to remedy the problem.

How to Fix Lumpy Gravy

Got any other great tips for making gravy? Let us know. We’re all about food and especially on Thanksgiving Day since calories don’t count — That is true, right?

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