How to Be a Threat To Society By Serving Your Country

There’s something terribly wrong with our justice system when US soldiers get told their service to our country is a “double-edged sword” – that enlisting makes them a “threat to society”.

Such was the case for Andrew Chambers. In this video, he expresses the cry for help he sent out after returning from service in Iraq and explains how he was turned away by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Suffering from paranoia that he developed while fighting for his country, he returned home and had a difficult time integrating himself back into society. The hyper-vigilance soldiers depend on to stay alive becomes a destructive force when trying to return to a normal life. It’s often much more difficult than flicking an on/off switch.

The result for Chambers? He’s serving 10 years in the Marion Correctional facility on felony charges. His plea for help ignored – his service to his country used against him.

Andrew Chambers

This is how to be a threat to society by serving your country – but it’s not how a soldier of the US military should ever be treated.

As Andrew Chambers stresses in this video, there is a simple solution: Listen to veterans’ stories.

That’s the least we can, and should do.

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