How to Force a Double Take

horse illusion

As any good photographer will attest, angles mean everything when shooting pictures. It’s called composition.

All of the following photos were random, unplanned shots that turned out in a rather unexpected manner.

See if you can identify what’s really happening in all the images and if not – you can take a peek at the solution.

1. Does this woman have invisible legs?

woman with invisible legs illusion

Invisible legs revealed
This woman is standing a carpet that has the same pattern as her leg-wear. 

2. Does this baby have an oversized arse?

child with big bottom illusion

Baby got back
The camera angle was low enough to hide the adult’s topside and make the baby appear to have a huge bootie. 

3. How many vehicles do you see in this photo?

vehicle illusion

The car conundrum
Did you realize that there is no convertible in this photo – that it’s only painted on the van?

4. What’s with the fishy dog?

fishing dog illusion

This chick’s a dog!
With a well-positioned dog and long hair, this woman appears to be a dog fishing. 

5. Does this woman have zebra legs?

zebra woman illusion

The half-zebra riddle
Wear a long coat and sit on any animal to pull off a half-animal look. 

6. Is that a baby horse inside that big horse?

horse illusion

Just horsin’ around
The young horse on the right makes this look like a scene right out of ‘Aliens’. 

7. How’d she get so strong?

strong girl illusion

The muscle girl
Black shirt on him and black hose on her makes for one strong-looking gal.

8. Does that girl have a Liev Schreiber head?

Liev Schreiber illusion

Liev’s lovely legs
Just a picture of Liev with the family and a nicely blended color of white.

9. Is Kevin Durant’s Grandpa playing basketball?

old looking basketball player illusion

The old guy
Here we see Durant bending over just enough to reveal the head of a court-side employee.

10. Do his friends call him “Stubby”?

stub arm illusion

Getting short-armed
Her white dress looks to be a well-bandaged stump of an arm.

11. What’s with Stretch Arm-child?
stretched arm illusion

It’s a stretch
A friend under the table makes for a laughable photo.

12. Is there a dog-woman on the bus?

womain with dog head illusion

A dog-faced lie
Her dog is sitting in the seat next to her but when she leans back, Sparky looks quite human.

13. Why is this young lady sitting spread-eagle?

girl in car illusion

Spreading the truth
The skin-colored seat is betraying the innocent pose of this young lady. Her legs are together.

14. Do you think he loves her?

the love illusion

Sharing a moment
If there is any love going on here, it’s between two guys or a girl with some very hairy arms and legs.

15. Is that girl in the back not wearing any pants?!

the bare bottom illusion

The bare bottom truth
One girl’s armpit is another girl’s ass.

16. Why does he have such nicely-shaped feminine legs?

female legs illusion

His shapely legs
She’s leaning on him in just the right way to give the illusion that he isn’t a very manly man.

17. Is this fish armed and dangerous?

fish man illusion

The fishy truth
A nicely timed shot makes this fish look all up in arms.

18. Is this the largest seagull in the world?

giant seagull illusion

The gull-darn facts
The seagull’s ledge is perfectly aligned with the landscape below for this effect.

19. Is there a naked girl in this well dressed crowd?

naked girl illusion

The naked truth
The young lady in front has an arm masquerading as a her friend’s naked body.

20. Does this toddler have a man-sized head?

baby with man head illusion

Get your head in it
The toddler’s entire head is showing and he’s wearing the sunglasses. Only the man’s nose, mouth and chin is showing.
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