You know what reaks of manhood? Being a soldier and protecting your country.

While we can’t all be soldiers, we can all work a little harder to help ensure that soldiers get the finest of treatment for their many sacrifices.

And while we all know that soldiers sacrifice time away from their families and miss many holidays, it’s easy to forget that they also miss out on the simple tradition of candy on Halloween. Those men and women deserve all our Kit Kats and peanut butter cups – and much more.

soldier giving candy to childrenSo here it is.. the day after Halloween and you’ve got more candy than you care to look at. The kids are bouncing off the walls because they won’t stop eating those little lumps of sugar and you realize that there’s about two weeks worth of this problem if something doesn’t change.

Enter the Halloween Candy Buyback program – you ship your candy to Operation Gratitude and they will address hundreds of thousands of gift boxes each with an individual soldiers name on it.

The simplest of pleasures can make a world of difference when you’re overseas and away from your family – longing for a bit of back-home familiarity. But this isn’t just about satisfying the occasional sugar craving of our supporting men and women. The soldiers are giving away most of this candy to children they help protect in an effort to build and maintain positive relationships.

All the really hard work is done for you by volunteers of the candy operation, so round up your goodies and ship it to the following address – let the troops know how much you care. Let’s kick this holiday season off right.

VAN NUYS, CA 91406
ATTN: RICH HERNANDEZ / 262-674-7281