How to Ignore Criticism and Succeed

You know what all successful people have in common? They have a lot of critics. Success breeds contempt and jealousy – it’s a sad but true fact. Even people that seemed to support you in the beginning – these same individuals will often jump ship when they begin to realize that you’re enjoying more success than them.

How YOU handle criticism is key to your success. The negative emotion causes many to feel discouraged and ultimately fail.

The proper approach is to use criticism as fuel for your march forward. Use it to create even bigger goals – realizing that your critics are only envious of your ability to make things happen. It’s your drive, passion and motivation that causes others to take pause. It takes hard work to succeed and few are really willing to put forth the effort required.

In a perfect world, the percentage of people supporting you would increase as you become more successful. People would jump on board and help – realizing the hard work and effort you put forth. They would always be appreciative of how you make things happen.

Unfortunately, the real world is not so kind. The vast majority of people are critics.

Success will show you who your real friends are. They’ll support you every step of the way. You’ll feel their love and their conviction as they wish more success for you and go out of their way to help any way they can.

For those who seem to become more distant as you succeed? They were never true friends – mere acquaintances who provide little in the way of enriching your life. Don’t agonize over your decision to cut them loose. They still have much to learn.

Be Gracious In Your Success

Gracious quoteWhile success will divide those in your circle, continue to be gracious to everyone. The benignant attitude will only attract more success.

As you succeed, go out of your way to show appreciation to those who remain in support of your work. Do good things for your society.

Be ready for more critics still – but let it not sway you in your commitment to be gracious.

Success is far more than achieving more money. The great motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale, gives us a perfect definition of success:

[quote_center]Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. [/quote_center]

If you’re spending your life in search of a worthy goal and it’s something you want to do, you’re a success – regardless of how much money is achieved in the process.

Success is a wonderful feeling. As you achieve success, lift others up who are trying to achieve their own goals. Let them know not to be discouraged by the haters and that hard work will ultimately always have it’s reward.

Ignore the critics – know that they only exist because you are succeeding – and enjoy your life of success. That’s how real men do it.

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