The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) got a bit overzealous this week by suggesting an idea that would ruin every public airline flight in the future of mankind.

Yes.. it’s that bad.

Passengers nearly begged to use electronic devices, such as tablets – and they won. The law was passed and you can now kick back and play angry birds as soon as you board.

Life is good.

But now, the government is baking up a half-cooked idea to allow passengers to talk on their phones – so long as the airplane is at 10,000 feet or higher.

Hey, we’ve all suffered through a loud talker near us in the store or some other public place. We can usually live with it because there’s a nearby escape route.

Now imagine that same person – and two others just like her – sitting near you on a 10-hour flight to Hawaii.

No doubt that headphones sales will see and increase, should this law pass. No doubt that you’ll have flights where you feel the veins in your head exploding before you ever land.

Not So Fast, Cell Phone Guy

man talking on cell phone on plane
Four hours. That’s what it took for America to voice a strong opinion after this proposal was suggested.

Hell. No.

That’s been the overwhelming concensus. The Wall Street Journal was the first to release news of the cell phone proposal and they rightly concluded that such an allowance “will pit the technically possible against the socially tolerable.”

Less than four hours later, the Washington Post released an article that headlined, “FCC sees backlash after proposing to allow in-flight cellphone calls on planes.”

With only 2500 signatures thus far, you’ll want to encourage many to sign the White House petition and keep this cell phone law from coming to fruition. 100,000 signatures are needed.

Stop this madness.

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