How to Warn Prospective Buyers

Are you a prospective buyer looking for a new home? Wouldn’t it be nice to be aware of all the environmental issues that might factor into your purchase – especially if there’s nightly rock and roll being played next door into the early morning hours?

The following sign has been posted on a vacant house several times by a Melbourne, Australia local – and taken down just as many times by real estate agents looking to sell the home.

sign warning of loud music being played

The fair warning sign reads, “Yes you will be able to hear it late at night.”

The warning sign is claimed to be created by a musician – only revealing his first name as David. He explains that local agents aren’t being fair in warning prospective buyers of what could turn out to be a very regrettable purchase.

“There’s a bit of non-disclosure happening here in regards to how loud it gets in this area at night. The music is a major part of this area and if I was considering a purchase, I would most certainly want to know about it.”

We’re on David’s side. We’re all for guys who step up and get involved when they don’t have to – and something tells us that even if David’s sign keeps getting taken down, prospective home buyers are going to be made aware that the music will continue to be played.

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