This unbelievable and inspirational story of love spans over 50 years. It’s the story of a 19 year old boy who wasn’t allowed to be with a 29 year old widow – so they eloped and spent the next 50 years together, living in a cave.

At the young age of only 19, Liu MingSheng fell in love with a 29 year-old widow named Xu – a love not permitted by China law and an act considered immoral because of the age difference.

But this was no ordinary love. It was the kind you read about in children’s story books – an eternal love with a flame that burns brighter with each passing year.

Lui and Xu eloped together to avoid the ramifications of the law and the scorn and criticism of the society they lived in. They located a remote cave, in the jungles of a nearby mountain and here they would spend more than 50 years together.

Some items xu and Liu used in the cave

Forced to learn how to live off the land, the couple fashioned a kerosene lamp for light and they often ate nothing more than grass and roots for sustenance.

In their second year, Liu began to carve away at the mountain-side, creating a set of stairs that his wife could use – and for the children they hoped to one day have.

The staircase carved by Liu

By the time this couple was found in 2001, Liu had carved over 6,000 stairs. The couple were now parents to seven children.

Xu and Liu

Liu died in the arms of his true love, Xu, at the age of 71 – collapsing after working all day on their farm.

As it was in life, so it was in death – no one could release the grip Liu had on Xu’s hand after his passing.

Xu and Liu in old age

This story went on to become one of the top love stories in China.

The stairs are still a testament to one man’s commitment and they exemplify how a real man shows undying love.

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