How to Love an Aging Dog

There’s one thing about guys that is an almost universal truth – we love our dogs. We’re talking about real men – those who care about animals. These guys will go above and beyond to make sure their canine cohorts are always comfortable.

You can judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him – or by the way he treats his dog.

Meet George. This Dachshund is aging and his little hips don’t move like they used to. Luckily though, George has one of those owners we told you about – a caring, passionate and genuine guy. He’s one of those guys that make the world a better place.

Just ask George.

George the dog
George's outdoor ramp
George's bed ramp
George's bed ramp

And just how well does George like his easy access setup? He’s dog-gone happy about it.


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