Dating is definitely something you get better at as you get older. A beginner thinks he needs to go on a few dates, have a few phone calls and feel someone out (not necessarily literally) before knowing if she’s the one.

The advanced dater learns that it really comes down to two things:

1) Attraction
2) Chemistry

You can easily have one without the other, neither or both. You need both. Anything less is a potential future marriage that’s unfulfilled and likely waiting to fail.

Just how much time does a guy need to figure out if a second date is in order? 20 minutes.

Alright… in truth, 20 minutes isn’t for knowing if she’s the one – it’s for knowing if she’s not the one. It’s all you need to know if attraction and chemistry are in the mix.

Why 20 Minutes Works

20 MinutesYou likely met her in some place that didn’t allow for much personal interaction. You mustered up the courage to quickly ask her for her number and now it’s time to move forward.

The nice thing about 20 minute dates are that they requires no planning and they allow for a no-pressure date. On your way to the book store or coffee shop or book store? Call her and tell her you’re grabbing a cup of joe and to swing by and meet you. It sounds cheap but actually, she’ll appreciate it because you’re impulsive and it takes the pressure off of both of you to act accordingly – by the mandated rules of man dates.

Tell her you don’t care that she’s lounging around in a t-shirt and bunny slippers. Throw on some tennies and come chat for a few.

20 minutes doesn’t mean you can’t have a longer date but you might mention that it’s all the time you have when she arrives – and if things go well, explain that you’re simply going to blow off your planned event for more time with her. If there’s A/C (attraction and chemistry) in the air, she’ll love it.

Don’t waste time and extra effort with dinners on a first date. Create an impulsive atmosphere. It’s more conducive to laughter and light-hearted conversation – and that’s going to be your best shot at a second date.

20 minutes – it’s all you need for a first date and it’s plenty of time to know if love is in the air.