sticking a Sono to a window
Ever wish you could block the sound of the neighbor’s barking dog? How about that local band that practices a couple times a week but never really seems to get any better?

Noise cancellation headphones aren’t a good solution if you find yourself needing to slap a pair on every other night. That starts impeding with one’s quality of life.

There might be a far better solution on the horizon. The new Sono is a concept device that aims to block out all ambient noise with a device you stick to your window.

The design was created by Australian industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich and the concept-device is a finalist for the James Dyson award.

sticking a Sono to a window

The beauty of this concept device is that it blocks out the noises you don’t want to hear but you can allow the sounds you prefer – such as birds chirping.

technical setup of the Sono

The next step is to secure funding so don’t be surprised if you see this new startup on kickstarter soon.

Since it may be a while before the Sono is a reality, be sure to keep that box fan handy.

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