Remember Spy vs. Spy? Those guys had all the coolest gadgets. I didn’t think their arsenal of technological cool thingies could be outdone until I was later introduced to Agent Maxwell Smart.

A shoe phone? The Cone of Silence? A briefcase gun? There was even a three-way gun that would shoot in three different directions at once.

All my childhood dreams were coming true on TV, right before my eyes – gadgets that made the heights of my imagination soar all the higher.

I fully expected to reach adulthood and have a flying jet pack, an invisibility potion I could drink to disappear for a few moments and x-ray glasses that I would have likely used for a different purpose than originally believed.

The point is.. new gadgets are way cool. They make us realize that we’re all that much closer to living life like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Can I get a Gil Gerard shoutout?).

Poof! It’s Never Wet!

shoe with chocolate dripping on itI’ll admit that in my grand visions of technological gizmos, not once did I ever dream about the ability to make things wetproof. Bulletproof? Plenty of times – every morning I watched George Reeves play the invincible Superman. But seriously.. who cares about wetproof?

Fast forward to today. As a father of a couple toddlers, wetproof would be a dream come true. If something can’t get wet, that means my kids can’t spill mustard on their new Sunday morning outfits. It means that when they run through the mud after I tell them not to, their shoes still look shiny and new.

Wetproof means I can accidentally drop my iPhone in the toilet while texting and it will still work.

When you start thinking about the advantages of wet-proof, you realize there’s a lot you never thought about.

NeverWet is a new product that claims it can make just about anything wet-proof. It’s been in production for over a year and finally released earlier this year. Check out the video above to see some of the rather amazing demonstrations of NeverWet.

WetProof Reviews

Every new invention has it’s challenges. The Cone of Silence would block all sound – but it did so inside as well, so it really wasn’t too useful. The shoe-phone required a dime for every call.

NeverWet? We’ve not tried it but in reading the Amazon reviews, it seems that there are some challenges to work out.

The overwhelming consensus is that conditions must be just right and a quick rub will rub NeverWet away.

Unfortunately, that makes NeverWet pretty useless for the most part. However, it would still make an excellent party trick and at $20 a bottle, it’s reasonably priced.

But we’re hoping this new technology leads to bigger and better. Rust-oleum has partnered with NeverWet and if you throw enough money at a problem, anything can happen.. even a clean shirt after a ketchup explosion.

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