How to Call Your Phone From Your Computer

iPhone that has been lostHere’s a rather simple trick to call your phone from your computer.

My wife lost her iPhone at home a few weeks ago and had emailed me to call her. I finally got the message several hours later and on calling her, she found it in our daughter’s doll house. No surprise there – if you have kids, you understand.

I advised a simple solution for any future incidents. You’ll need to set this up before you lose your phone.

Make sure you have a Google Voice number – they’re free so sign up if you don’t already have one. You will have to add a verification text number to your account and that’s why this has to be done prior to losing your phone.

If you already have a Google Voice account, simply click the ‘Call’ button and put someone else’s number in. Google Voice uses your mobile phone to dial out.

With this method, you simply grab your laptop and carry it around the house and keep dialing out. Your phone will keep ringing as you hit call until voila – there’s your phone!

It’s an easy way to call your iPhone from your computer – free!

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