How to Measure Fat Per Muscle

Skulpt Aim

Fitness devices are getting fun. For years, people could only measure their total amount of steps and then devices progressed to measure heart rate and estimated overall calories burned. Many of the numbers were just guesstimates because after all, how could a device know if you were running 1,000 steps uphill or downhill? That’s a significant difference in calories burned.

Weight scales advanced to offering BMI and total body fat and again, the calculations proved fairly worthless. You could get a +/- variance of 10% on any given day.

It’s time to ditch all those all devices for the new, cool fitness gadgets of today.

The Skulpt Aim will making it’s debut in 2014 and it promises far more accurate algorithms and fitness monitoring. The most interesting feature is the ability to measure body fat – and not just overall body fat but the amount of fat you have surrounding each muscle!

Combine this cool, new tracker with a new Amiigo and there’s no way you can fail in achieving your fitness goals.

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