Beer Battleship board

The epic Battleship game just got a lot more fun. Party goers will enjoy this version much more but we’ll warn you – this isn’t your Dad’s Battleship game. Well.. unless your dad was a drunk.

Beer battleship is played just like the traditional battleship game of old – except, when your opponent gets a “hit”, you have to drink the shot in that position.

To play, you’ll need a small table, a cheap tablecloth, poker chips and something that can be used as a divider in the middle.

Make your ships out foam insulation and aluminum foil. The insulation can be cut to shape with an x-acto knife. Use the foil to add some pizzazz as you craft your battle ships.

If you’re feeling really creative and like a bit more color in your water vehicles, grab some Play-Doh at the store. You can make some pretty elaborate and crafty ships out of Play-Doh. Be sure to let it dry overnight.

If you’re feeling really lazy, skip the ship making altogether and just place your shot glasses directly on the Battleship grid.

Battlefield game boardNext, prepare the field of battle by laying out your tablecloth and drawing the Battlefield board on both sides.

Draw letters A-L across the top and numbers 1-10 down the bottom. Use a marker and create your grid.

Each side of the game will normally have the following ships: 5 aircraft carriers, 4 battleships, 3 submarine, 3 destroyers and 2 patrol boats

You might want more or less – based on your alcohol tolerance level.

Use your poker chips to mark the spots that get called out and the spots you call out – different colors for each.

Unlike those rainy day Battlefield losses you experienced as a child, you might find that losing at Beer Battleship is actually kind of fun!

Enjoy your party. Don’t forget the watermelon keg.

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