How To Buy A Manly Cologne For Christmas

Terre d’Hermès

Christmas is drawing near and if you’re looking for a gift for any guy, you know it can be a tough assignment. We’re here to help.

Cologne can be a real bad idea if you go with something like Axe or Old Spice. And you know those dollar store colognes Mom put in your stocking as a teen? That’s another bad idea.

Try some Terre d’Hermès. This scent has been around for a couple decades and it’s nearly perfect. It’s woodsy while still being mellow.

Perhaps the best way to describe this cologne is to simply say that it’s never too much. Guys typically want to smell great but we certainly don’t want to be confused with Abercrombie guy.

It’s masculine sophistication and it works as well at the office as it does when going formal for that corporate party – or hitting that musical with your favorite girl.

The scent is a mixture of orange peel, cedar, pine and vetiver. It smells like the outdoors – the real outdoors.

Grab a bottle for Dad, Grandpa or even a young teen. It just works.

If you prefer to sample your colognes first, head over to Amazon and pick up a sample packet for just a few dollars.

Terre d’Hermès makes the perfect Christmas gift for just about any guy. Grab a bottle and you’ll be getting the perfect gift.

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