It’s a minor annoyance but troublesome enough to ponder a solution – hard butter.

You pop a couple slices of bread into your toaster, grab a knife and only then realize that the butter dish is empty. Grabbing a new stick out of the fridge guarantees that it’s not going to be an easy spread.

What to do when the butter hasn’t endured an adequate amount of cabinet time and it’s simply to hard to evenly smear on your toast?

Grab a bowl. Cut your butter stick into very small pieces and you’ll see it melting within 30 seconds. In less than a minute, it will be as soft as you desire.

Don’t feel like cutting your butter up? Grab a Ziploc bag, put the butter stick inside, seal it and immerse in hot water. This method takes a bit longer – about four to five minutes –

If you’re looking for a true “guy’s method”, grab your hairdryer and apply warm heat directly to your stick. You’ll have some rapidly melting butter in no time.

Enjoy those holiday treats!

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