How to Properly Cook Beets


Ever skip the beets in the vegetable section because you’re not sure how to cook them? You’re not alone.

In a randomized study, four out of five guys say they have never tried cooking beets on their own. This randomized study actually occurred just a few minutes here at work, so we’re not claiming that the proper clinical trial protocol was followed – just that the evidence suggests that guys seemingly don’t know much about how to cook beets.

Fear the beet no more. Not only are beets good for you, with a crap-ton of vitamins and minerals, but they’re one of nature’s aphrodisiacs. It’s like Viagra that you can pull right out of your garden.

Cooking Your Beets

It turns out that cooking beets really couldn’t be easier but don’t just throw them in the skillet – there’s a better way.

Steam your beets. There’s really no comparison to steamed beets and those cooked on top of the stove. Steaming ensures a far better flavor.

First things first – chop the green tops off but don’t throw them away! They’re delicious and nutritious. You can steam the greens in the same way you do spinach and you might realize that you like the taste a lot more.

Next up – rinse the beets and grab your aluminum foil. Place all the beets together insides the foil. No need to cut them or wrap them individually.

Did we mention how easy it is to cook beets?

Fold the aluminum foil on the top and sides so the flavor is trapped while steaming.

Cook at 400 degrees for exactly one hour. Let cool and peel back the skin with your fingers.

Beets have a delicious, naturally sweet flavor and now that you realize how easy they are to cook, you can skip the fries once in a while and serve beets with your favorite burger.

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