How to Add Value to Your Home Before Selling

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Selling your home will inevitably have you questioning what you can do to increase the value before listing it on the open market.

Don’t waste your time pouring a lot of extra money into home improvement. The cost usually isn’t worth the return. However, there are three critical areas that you should focus on – and these are the most cost-effective improvements you can make when selling.

1) Paint Your Home. Paint is inexpensive and it can add years to an older house. It gets rid of dirt and stains, hides small defects and replacing dark paint with bright colors will even add the illusion of more space.

Paint also makes a home smell new. Nearly everyone is aware of the “new car smell” that attracts potential buyers to an automobile. Use this same advantage for selling your house.

2) Create Space. We’re not talking about throwing up a new room addition because that’s where things get too expensive. Look to add a wall where a room is divided. Is your dining room and kitchen all one open area? A small wall in between the two is another room added to the house and makes it look bigger.

Wall in houseDo you have an unfinished basement? Just a small investment in some 2×4 lumber and sheet rock and you can add a lot of value by partioning off sections into separate rooms.

Removing clutter is also of great importance to adding space. Have you ever performed spring cleaning in the garage, only to realize that you had a great deal more space than you remembered?

Clutter makes a living area look small. Cleaning it up adds lots of extra space and that translates into dollars. Nobody likes a pit.

3) Focus on the Kitchen and Bathroom. These two living areas hold the greatest value of all when selling. Make sure there are no water leaks. If they exist, fix them – even if that means paying a little extra to have a professional get the job done.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that make potential buyers hesitate on moving forward, more so than any other parts of the house. Make these living areas perfect and remove the possibility of any doubt creeping in when interested parties are walking through your home and considering a new purchase.

Concentrate on these three improvements and you’ll save time and money – and you’re guaranteed to yield the maximum return when selling your home.

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