How to Be More Chivalrous

Chivalry in action

There’s a real problem with chivalry today – men are engaging in far less of it. But you might be surprised at the reason why men are less chivalrous.

According to Hollywood Therapist, Dr. Christina Balore, chivalry isn’t actually dying – it’s shifting to the female gender.

“What we’re seeing is a new generation where the rules of gender are all changing and it’s confusing both sexes to a degree. In the case of chivalry, men are fearful that kind acts will be seen as ‘having an agenda’. If he pulls a chair back for her, will she assume he’s doing that because he wants to have sex with her? More men are choosing the passive route, letting her pull her own chair back and hoping casual conversation will follow. No one wants to appear desperate.”

A recent study confirms these findings, saying women are 12% more likely to converse with a complete stranger, 7% more likely to hold a door open for a stranger and women more often give up a seat for an expecting mother.

Risk Assessment 101

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We’re not out for a date. We’re trying to carry on the traditions of our forefathers – live in a way that would make Grandpa proud.

It’s time to say “to hell with the new rules”. If an attempt at chivalry is misconstrued as a “come on”, so be it. Don’t let it dissuade you from your job.

There are risks worth taking and being kind to your fellow human being, regardless of gender, is just the right thing to do. It sets a precedence – an example for the young men of the next generation.

It’s not natural that men sit quietly while the pendulum of chivalry shifts to a less masculine audience. We fully commend those females who are picking up the slack but we encourage guys to get back to their intended roles.

Help an elderly woman across the street. We all learned how in Boy Scouts and we learned there was great value in helping others. Pull out a chair, open a car door – even offer to carry a sack of groceries for a stranger. It’s what real men do.

Being more chivalrous is actually quite easy – it’s just a matter of going out of your way to be a little kinder and that makes this world a little bit better.

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