1969 Camaro Body
Every guy who knows the slightest thing about cars understands that there are few cars that compare to the classic 1969 Camaro. It’s a beast of a machine that’s guaranteed to satisfy a guy’s desire to sport the coolest car in the neighborhood – and you better believe that it will turn the head of an admiring female like few other cars.

The problem though – the ’69 Camaro typically costs a ridiculous amount of money. Even the scrapped down pieces of junk can run you five figures. It’s a testament to just how much appeal this classic automobile still has.

Good news. If you’ve longed to sport a new ’69 Camaro, you can now opt to build your own for much less. The 69 Camaros Facebook page reports that carsinc.com is now offering the full bare-bones body for a fantastic price.

“The bare Camaro body shell starts at $7,500 while an assembled body costs $11,500, including the roof, drip rails, quarter panels, trunk-lid and doors installed and aligned. Front fenders and the hood are available separately from CARS Inc., as well as interior, trim and just about any other components that will be needed to build an all-new 1969 Camaro.”

If you choose the “build it yourself” route, you’ll be able buy a starter Camaro that provides a solid foundation, without the need for major sheet-metal work.

The new kit comes complete with doors installed, windshield and rear glass studs in place, factory style drip rails and depending on the body you choose, you can add tires up to 13 inches wide.

Just imagine the finished product!

1969 Camaro

Never built a car before? It might be the best time to learn how. This would make for a father-son project like few others and when you cruise down the street in your new, 1969 Camaro for the first time, you’ll know it was all worth it.

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