Anyone out there old enough to remember the Beach Boys? With over 100 million record sales worldwide and 80 songs that made it to the charts, it’s fair to say that they were a pretty successful band. Even today, many still refer to the Beach Boys as “America’s Band”.

If you’re into nostalgia and would love to own a piece of Beach Boys history, you’re in luck. Rockaway Records has secured the actual surfboard featured on several of the Beach Boys record covers – including Surfin’ Safari (1962) and Surfer Girl (1963).

Dennis Wilson, drummer, singer and songwriter for the orginal group, originally owned the board and actually used the board many times. He was the only member of the band that actually surfed.

It was the input by Wilson – suggesting that the band should write songs about the surfing craze, which might have been largely responsible for the band’s success. After the band agreed to write surfing music, they released their first hit, titled ‘Surfin’.

The rest.. as they say, is history.

surfboard decalThe surfboard has been quietly residing at the house of Bob Stafford, since being gifted it by Louis Marotta, a personal friend of Dennis Wilson.

Louis Marotta has acquired the services of Rockaway Records to broker the surfboard on his behalf.

If you’re interested in acquiring this legendary piece of music history, you can do so for the mere sum of $150,000. This includes a a photo ID, certificate of sale and notarized recollections of both Marotta and Wilson.

Rockaway Records has sold some of music’s greatest memorabilia, including a Beatles 2008 record for $80,000.

If you’re interested in purchasing or finding out more details, visit the ‘For Sale’ page at Rockaway Records.

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