How to Keep Your Dog From Getting Distracted on Walks

dog harness

The most difficult part of training a dog can be teaching him to walk without distraction. Young pups are the worst, stopping to investigate something new every few feet.

There’s lots of promised solutions and they usually involve choker chains and pincher collars. Neither device is greatly effective, though people do report occasional success with choker chains when using them on smaller dogs.

Those pincher collars? Skip them. They’re just small little torture devices that cause discomfort, to the point of pain, when the dog pulls too hard. There’s got to be a better way.

And it turns out there is. In a recent episode of Dog Whisperer, dog expert Cesar Millan reveals an oft-overlooked piece of advice.

“People tend to forget that dogs are pack animals and must always be trained from a pack mentality perspective. One of the best, unknown tricks to stop a dog from getting distracted on long walks is to attach a harness with a small load to each side of the dog. This makes the dog feel as though he has a job and that he has an important role in the pack – encouraging him to keep moving forward.”

Millan also emphasizes that the bigger the dog, the more important it is to walk the dog more and the better the behavior. Your canine loves attention. You might even want to give your favorite pooch the occasional snack while you’re at the office and he’s stuck at home.

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