How to Knife Fish


One day, you may find yourself alone, in the wild, struggling for food. While it’s likely you didn’t pack a fishing pole, we’re hoping that you brought along a few survival items.

A knife is one of those survival items no man should be without – and if you’re near a body of water and also have a way to later start a fire, you’ve got a way to eat dinner tonight. The sharper the tip on your knife, the better your chances.

Knife fishing is one of those skills that date way back to original natives that roamed our their land. The Indians would typically use a sharpened stick and spear the fish. We didn’t bother to sharpen a stick but hey.. feel free to use whatever gives you the greatest “primal kill” feeling.

Knife fishing is a pretty easy concept to understand but it’s quite difficult to accomplish. It also requires a particular amount of skill and coordination so you don’t stab yourself.

Simply head down to where the fish live and look for a delicious meal – for the fish. Grasshoppers, flies and mayflies all work well. Worms aren’t nearly so effective for catching fish when they’re not dangling from a hook, so pass on those.

Grab the insect you found by the wings and let his kick and scamper across the top of the water. Hold your hand completely still. It will usually take several minutes for the fish to disregard your motionless body and make a move for the insect.

knife fishing

As the hungry fish finally gives in to temptation, he’ll make his move – probably nipping at first and then trying to swallow here shortly after. Don’t get in a hurry to use your knife. Strike too soon and you’ll lose him. Wait for the full lunge and you’ll likely even feel those fish lips around your finger.

Stab the fish and don’t miss. Perform a sweep and try to lift the fish out of the water, into the air – and then drive him back into the ground. If you’re using a long, sharpened stick, drive the end of the stick into the river bottom – assuming you’re fishing in shallow enough water.

Take your fish to the fire and enjoy with a nice bit of water that you extracted from the wild.

Ah… there’s nothing like the outdoors!

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