How To Access Facial Recognition Software

NameTag app

Have you ever exchanged looks with a complete stranger and left wondering if she might have been the one – but disappointed that you didn’t take a chance and try to meet her?

Thanks to a new smart-phone app, you’ll soon have a new option for meeting her. If you can snap a quick image, you can look up the profile of any random stranger on any social network – including Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook. Google glass makes it even easier, allowing you to secretly snap an image of anyone in view.

Creepy, huh?

The facial recognition software app is called NameTag and you can download the app for iPhone, Android and Google Glass – although Google does not currently allow facial recognition apps in their MyGlass app store.

After acquiring an image, you can be just like the Terminator and instantly find out everything you want ever wanted to know about any random stranger, including social information and dating site information – you can even search the National Sex Offender Registry for an existing criminal record. How many private detective startups might this new app be responsible for?

NameTag says they’re aware of privacy concerns and they’re trying to address those concerns early. If you don’t want to be in the NameTag database, you’ll have to create an account at NameTag and specifically opt out of being recognized.

Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it?

NameTag looks to be the start of a whole new way of using social data. It’s one step closer to an internet of things.

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