Omate TrueSmart on wrist

The Smartwatch craze has yet to take off. The problem? They all need to be tethered to a phone and since the phone can do it all anyway, what’s the point?

That’s been true with every Smartwatch out there – until now.

Meet the Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0. It’s Real Smart – smart enough to be a watch that also serves as a phone.

And that’s not all.

Want to shoot some video? There’s a built-in video recorder. SIM card capable? Yep – there’s even a microSD card lot.

The Omate can hold up to 8GB of storage and runs the full Android 4.3 operating system – complete with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

All of this and more will set you back a mere $300. Head over to Omate’s website to pre-order now or just to read up on the full feature list of the Omate TrueSmart – the Android OS you can wear on your wrist.

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