Stupeflic Replay video appOne of the coolest new photo apps for the iPhone is called Replay. Currently free in the app store, Replay is made by a company called Stupeflix, and it allows you to choose all the images you want and weave them together in a professional looking video.

It couldn’t be easier and the result is pretty impressive!

You can even choose music from your iTunes library as a soundtrack to the new video and fade out it automatic.

It’s not perfect though. The app does still need a bit of work. The editor will need to be improved. Currently, all images added to the video do automatic panning toward the center of the image. If you actually take pride in your photography skills and choose not to make your subject the center of every shot, you’ll find that many of your images are unusable. The pan starts immediately and the subject is gone before you know it.

That’s a flaw and needs to be fixed.

We’d also like to see a few more video editing tools, such as the more popular video editing programs provide.

All in all, we like Replay. This is a first release so it’s understandably a bit thin on functionality. We look forward to future generations.

Get Replay in the app store and let us know what you think.

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